Business Card: Research

Here I will be exploring the many ways you can approach creating a business card, with many possibilities, its all about selling yourself in a quick moment. A business card is used to tell people what you’re about and offer the consumer your contact details for later communication. For graphic designers this is a perfect way to show people your style of work and sell your service in a small 5x8cm piece of card. I want my business card to stand out and be an extension of my profile, so I looked into the best way of achieving this. Continue reading


CV: Research

This post will look at how graphic designers can approach creating a CV when applying for a creative job role. Unlike any other industry an employer for graphic design is looking for a stand out CV not just academically but visually too. There are many ways to design the CV, but what do employers want to see on it that really counts? It is important to get this right as it could be the deciding factor whether or not you get the job. Continue reading

Portfolio: Research

A graphic designers portfolio is like a builders tool box. It is the most important thing you can possess as a way of getting people to look at your work. A portfolio is simply a library of work someone has created as a means of displaying it to someone, this can be created as a past time and personal thing, but more commonly used to sell yourself and show to clients/employers. There are a few ways that a portfolio can be created, each have their own pros & cons, so I’m going to look into them here.

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