Business Card: Process

The business card is a useful tool in introducing yourself and leaving a lasting impression on someone. The difference between having your card thrown straight into the bin or kept in the drawer, is design. As a graphic designer, design is the foremost important aspect of developing a business card, it can be utilised as a demonstration of your style and talent. This post goes through the process of how I made mine…

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CV: Process

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a very important document that should sell you to potential employers, they will look at this and decide whether they want to proceed in interviewing you, therefore, could be the make-or-break between getting the job or not. When applying for a graphic design role a CV should be more of an example of your work rather than academically presented, it can be seen as a way to show the agency  your style and a reason to hire you. With this creative freedom it is import to grab their attention quickly, as rival CV’s will also be out the catch their eye. Read more to see the idea behind my CV and how I achieved it… Continue reading

Portfolio: Process

A portfolio is the best way for graphic designer to display their art work in an organised gallery. There is a few ways this can be achieved, either online via a website, printed, or put onto a disc, it all depends on what sort of art work is being created. For me I create digital art, via Illustrator and Photoshop etc, so the best way is for me to upload it to an online portfolio. As I have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud I have access to the feature – Adobe MyPortfolio service (I wrote a blog post about it here), an easy to use website editor that creates a clean and functional website for you, to see how I created mine read on… Continue reading