Professional Feedback: CV

I sent my business card, CV, and portfolio in an email to a bunch of graphic design agencies nationwide in order to gain feedback on the quality of my work. Describing the project and the ideas behind each design, I wanted to hear their honest opinion on whether they would see something like this in industry. From the 14 emails to different companies I sent out, I only received 3 responses: and

This part looks into the feedback received for my CV:

  • They really liked the folded leaflet concept. It was described as a narrative, going through it in stages. Also referring to it as fresh and different, meaning people are more likely to pick it up.
  • I was told the ‘About me’ section wasn’t up-to-scratch, and told it would be wise to change it so it sells myself better.
  • A few blank spaces to fill up. (Except the area where the business card goes, but that was explained to them.)
  • Liked how it worked well with the business card.
  • They all liked the overall design, describing it as very neat and effective, gets all of the relevant information across in a unique style.

CV: Research

This post will look at how graphic designers can approach creating a CV when applying for a creative job role. Unlike any other industry an employer for graphic design is looking for a stand out CV not just academically but visually too. There are many ways to design the CV, but what do employers want to see on it that really counts? It is important to get this right as it could be the deciding factor whether or not you get the job. Continue reading

CV: Process

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a very important document that should sell you to potential employers, they will look at this and decide whether they want to proceed in interviewing you, therefore, could be the make-or-break between getting the job or not. When applying for a graphic design role a CV should be more of an example of your work rather than academically presented, it can be seen as a way to show the agency  your style and a reason to hire you. With this creative freedom it is import to grab their attention quickly, as rival CV’s will also be out the catch their eye. Read more to see the idea behind my CV and how I achieved it… Continue reading