Professional Feedback: Business Card

I sent my business card, CV, and portfolio in an email to a bunch of graphic design agencies nationwide in order to gain feedback on the quality of my work. Describing the project and the ideas behind each design, I wanted to hear their honest opinion on whether they would see something like this in industry. From the 14 emails to different companies I sent out, I only received 3 responses: and

This part describes the responses I got for the feedback on my business card designs.

  • Overall, the feedback was good. They where all impressed with the design, liking the simplicity and style. They said it definitely catches the attention of the eye with the bright orange, but isn’t to sharp.
  • I was informed to change the text colour from a light grey to a darker grey, keeping consistent throughout. This was mainly for printing reasons, as they stated it would print better.

Business Card: Research

Here I will be exploring the many ways you can approach creating a business card, with many possibilities, its all about selling yourself in a quick moment. A business card is used to tell people what you’re about and offer the consumer your contact details for later communication. For graphic designers this is a perfect way to show people your style of work and sell your service in a small 5x8cm piece of card. I want my business card to stand out and be an extension of my profile, so I looked into the best way of achieving this. Continue reading

Business Card: Process

The business card is a useful tool in introducing yourself and leaving a lasting impression on someone. The difference between having your card thrown straight into the bin or kept in the drawer, is design. As a graphic designer, design is the foremost important aspect of developing a business card, it can be utilised as a demonstration of your style and talent. This post goes through the process of how I made mine…

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