Business Card: Process

The business card is a useful tool in introducing yourself and leaving a lasting impression on someone. The difference between having your card thrown straight into the bin or kept in the drawer, is design. As a graphic designer, design is the foremost important aspect of developing a business card, it can be utilised as a demonstration of your style and talent. This post goes through the process of how I made mine…

I knew that I wanted my business card to be simple, making use of my logo, name, and contact information, I didn’t want it to be to complicated with lots of components. As a small piece of card, there is only enough room for whatever is necessary, but you need to make good use out of the available space. I like the simplistic style, I believe it intrigues the consumer, making it nice to look at means the eyes are focused on it.

I began by sketching out some quick ideas into my sketchpad, anything that came to mind. I personally prefer landscape, so most of my designs are in that format, but I tried to see what it would look like portrait. I did a few designs for the front and back, not necessarily to be combined but just to get a few ideas flowing.


Once I had a few I was happy with, I found out the dimensions of a business card and created a template to draw up my final design on. The dimensions I found are standard european business card that you will find everywhere. The bleed (88x59mm) is over extending the art board which means that the edges fill with colour, leaving no white lines. The trim (84x55mm) is just inside the bleed and is where the card will be cut. And the safe area (80x51mm) is where all components should be placed inside, else they run the risk of being cut off.20170511_181105.jpg

The idea was to have the front displaying just my logo, but rather that the orange logo on a white background I reversed it, making the card pop out more with more colour. As for the back, I wanted to keep that white with black text to make it easy to read.
When I was happy with the design I opened up Adobe Illustrator and set up the exact same art board measurements.Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 23.56.07

Creating the design was simple, I already had my logo so just needed to import it in, the rest was typing up the information and aligning it correctly – it took me a few attempts messing around with sizes and placement, but I was happy with the final decision. I also changed a few components from the original sketch, just to neaten things up and keep the theme similar throughout. I kept a rule of thumb, of keeping the logo and text aligned with each other, although this isn’t noticeable as they’re on different sides, its a small detail that I think works well.Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 00.04.04

Overall I’m happy with how the design came out, it sticks to the theme I have throughout my brand and is an effective design when selling myself, I’ll be proud to give them out to people! You can see the final product printed out here.Mock 2


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