CV: Research

This post will look at how graphic designers can approach creating a CV when applying for a creative job role. Unlike any other industry an employer for graphic design is looking for a stand out CV not just academically but visually too. There are many ways to design the CV, but what do employers want to see on it that really counts? It is important to get this right as it could be the deciding factor whether or not you get the job.

Sell yourself:

It’s important to remember the person you are giving your CV to knows nothing about you what-so-ever, it’s the job of your CV to correct that and sell yourself to the person reading. Therefore it’s important to always include an introduction, telling the reader about you and what makes you special, this is the part where you really need to big yourself up and make yourself seem like a superstar in order to attract the reader into you.

Skills & Attributes:

Applying for a technical role that requires hands-on work the employer wants to know all of your skills and attributes, from personal to technical, it’s important to let them know your capabilities. When stating your personal skills, make sure to list them off including all the important ones the employer wants to see. For software skills, make sure they are relevant to the role you are applying for and rate them realistically.


Employers will want to see everything that you have accomplished thus far, this may be a long list or no list at all, we all have to start somewhere… Include anything and anything that you think will impress the person who is potentially employing you, this could be a relevant competition you won or a academic award, state it all!

Contact details:

Very self explanatory, what good is giving someone your CV if they can’t contact you back for more question, or to give you the role… This should include: Telephone number, email address, website, and address.

These few points are key to the success of a competitive CV. However you wish to design it and present the information is entirely up to the creator, making it stand out of the pile is a good start and will open eyes.

For more website on creating a great CV go to these links:


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