CV: Process

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a very important document that should sell you to potential employers, they will look at this and decide whether they want to proceed in interviewing you, therefore, could be the make-or-break between getting the job or not. When applying for a graphic design role a CV should be more of an example of your work rather than academically presented, it can be seen as a way to show the agency  your style and a reason to hire you. With this creative freedom it is import to grab their attention quickly, as rival CV’s will also be out the catch their eye. Read more to see the idea behind my CV and how I achieved it…

I wanted to create something different, rather than producing the standard A4 sheet with information on it. After researching different styles and methods, I found one that really stood out to me. A tri-fold leaflet that opened up revealing the information. This unique design separates itself from the standard, coming onto the table in a different shape, whilst keeping the information hidden so the employer has to open it up, interacting with it.

To do this I would need to create a double sided document, that could then be folded in the correct way to work. I opened up Adobe InDesign and created an A4 document with 2 pages. I set the bleed to 1.25mm and created 3 columns to separate the page into the required 3 segments, I changed the gutter between the each column to 24mm which I would then half again – accommodating for the fold. Margins were set to 12mm left/right and 30mm top/bottom, to keep the content in a neat order throughout.Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 13.10.49

This gave me the guidelines for my page that I just needed to order and fill with the necessary content.Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 12.55.58

I created a layer for each page of the document so I knew which segment correlated to which part of the page, then edited it 1 at a time.Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 13.30.40

I wanted a segment of the fold to be a different colour to make it stand out, so I added a coloured rectangle to the corresponding parts as the document would be printed of both sides of the paper.Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 13.33.58

I then proceeded to complete the top half of the document which equated to the front cover, back and mid fold. I wanted my logo, name and document title on the front cover, keeping it simple and clean. Less relevant information on the back such as hobbies and social links. Then putting a paragraph about myself in the middle, so when someone opens the front cover the first thing they see is the ‘About Me’. I decided to make the coloured page a grey, rather than choosing the orange, the grey compliments the orange and keeps it simple, whilst an entire orange page would be a bit to much.Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 13.43.21.png

The other page would contain the reverse half of the document so once its been open it will have all the important information available, such as, contact info, education & experience, and personal skills. I put my contact info on the reverse side of the cover which would be page one as that is the first thing you need to know, the middle would have my education/experience, finally my skills would be on the other side of the dark page, where I could create a hexagon rating system for my skills making them orange to show how good I am at each piece of software.Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 13.54.34.png

The reasoning for the big gap on each side of the grey part is that I will create 2 slits in the correct places that will allow me to slot a business card inside of it. I think this is a neat little touch and means whoever obtains a CV will also have a business card.

As you can see all the content stays within the confinements of their designated segments with room for the fold that wouldn’t disrupt anything. I was happy with the design and content that populated it, once I had checked it was all ok I created some mock ups to get an idea of what the final piece would look like before printing it off.Mock 4

I am very happy with the final design, I think its neat and clean whilst displaying all necessary information in a tight package. I believe its uniqueness will catch peoples attention meaning they will give it a read. You can view the final printed product here.



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