SWOT Analysis


This is a personal SWOT analysis that describes my: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats when considering becoming a graphic designer. What will benefit me? What do I need to improve on? What can I adapt to? And what obstacles do I face? All the points are detailed above in quick bullet points, read more to find the reasons why.


My biggest strengths revolve around creativity, I’m a very creative person with a vivid imagination and keen eye for detail, I like to present things in an orderly fashion and make sure that everything is absolutely correct to the minor details.
I work hard on any given project, giving my full attention to the cause, making sure it is done correctly.
I’m very organised, even in my social life, and manage my time effectively to make sure deadlines are met with room for improvements.
I am capable of working as part of a team efficiently offering my own ideas and helping the team succeed, to compliment this I can also communicate confidently, becoming a vocal part of the team.
I love to challenge myself in various ways, I’m always on the push to learn new things and test my knowledge. When presented with something new I often pick it up very fast and adapt to my surroundings.


As a young graduate my lack of experience is a deriving factor with nothing to offer on my CV, however, I don’t think this reflects on my skills and attributes and look forward to building on it.
I would say my self confidence is relatively low, I’m always my own biggest critic and don’t like admitting to anything good I have created, I will pick out small details people won’t see and judge myself for them. Therefore I find it had to reassure myself that when I have done something well, it is up to scratch.
My decision making can be improved in terms of how fast I complete them, I usually overthink and take a while which can affect workload. This goes in hand with multitasking, I’m not great at juggling 2 projects at a time, I prefer to focus on just 1.
The reason perfectionist is in both weaknesses and strengths, is due to the fact that although it can come as an advantage to perfect a project, sometimes it can be overdone and take to long to do so. It all depends on how much I go into it.


Of course the biggest opportunity for me at the moment is to graduate with a degree from uni, this will be a great accomplishment to put on my CV. There is also the option of then going into advanced education and really narrowing down my skill sets. The course I have undertaken has allowed me to explore many different opportunities and skills, before understanding graphic design is for me, however, it keeps doors open in the future.
There are a wide range of classes that are available, even online, these can help me hone my skills in on certain areas that need addressing.
There is always room for improvement, I will continue to develop my software skills and techniques. There are avenues I have not yet tried my hand at, that are very handy to put on my CV for example web coding and 3D design, these are definitely in my top 3 things to do in the future.
Finally, I’m still very young and have much to learn, I hope to improve myself in all aspects over the next very important coming years.


The graphic design industry is exceptionally competitive, it is constantly growing and improving, making it harder to be seen. You have to be very good in order to succeed in this industry and graduates are finding it hard to step their foot in.
My lack of coding knowledge will play a factor in my success, a lot of agencies now-a-days are looking for people with coding experience for working on websites. Therefore I need to work on this whilst keeping up to date with other skills that are rapidly advancing.
Copyright is a massive part of graphic design, you need to be careful that what you are producing is unique and doesn’t make use of any already existing assets, else a hefty fine will appear at your door.
Hobbyists, people who design for fun with no intention of making a living out of it, they threaten to take away customers from actual designers as they offer to work cheaper. This can be a big negative for freelance designers looking for clients.


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